About Daff


DAFF is a Chilean food company formed more than 10 years ago.   We have 3 production plants with more than 13.500 m2.

We have a professional team with experts in aoutoclave sterilization process development. Our team allows as to develope products with high added value and great teaste using the best quallity ingredients.   Our Combat rations are made using the highest European autoclave sterilization technology.

We have extensive experience producing Combat Rations for the Chilean armed forces, Onemi, Red Cross, Mining companies.

We have clients such as Nestle, Walmart, Chilean Military Forces, Chilean Navy, Chilean Air Forces and the Chilean Government , among others.

Our high quality standards comply with ISO 22,000 certification, HACCP, FDA, FCE, among others.

Our product lines MREDAFF, Military Combat Ration and Emergency Ration are developed for used in civil and military applications as well as in emergency situations.

We are always innovating and developing new products at the request of our clients.